Luca Zanetti

Editorial, 2008

A White tribe in the Peruvian Jungle

Pozuzo could only be reached by foot until the end of 1975. Only after 116 years after the first European immigrants arrived was a road completed linking it with the town of Oxapampa.

haus tropen himmel

Jose Crisanto Ruffner and his wife Elsa Echebarria


  	 Ida Rosalinda Witting Schaus in her vegetable garden.

frau garten rotes kleid

The 25th of July every year Pozuzo celebrates the founding of the town with a week long party here a Pozuzino cowboy.

ross bub

83-year-old Bernardo Müller Hoffman with her nice Jesli Eliana Gonzalez Müller. Bernardo still works the land together with his wife Santa Rosa Mercedes Garcias that is 59 years of age.

alter mann kind

From right Luis Koch Schaus with Pepe Gstir and his girlfriend, Luis and Pepe run together a motorbike repair shop.

paar fluss badehose

The isolation in terms of ways of communication is the main reason for the preservation of the customs and traditions of the first Tyrolean and German settlers. Here an old lady in a traditional Tyrolean dress

alte frau tradizionelles kleid

Helmut Egg Vogt smoking a pipe.

mann rauch pfeife


Titel der Arbeit
A White tribe in the Peruvian Jungle
Luca Zanetti
Swiss Magazine
Swiss Magazine
November 2008
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