Andreas Seibert

Editorial, 2005

From Somewhere to Nowhere – The big Outset


China is still sweat-shopping its way to success, basing its competitiveness
on low wages and the exploitation of a workforce which has no effective means of representation.
China is experiencing a surge in inequality, creating not one country and one people but winners and looser, through wide divisions in living standards within an between cities and provinces. The differences between the richest and the poorest parts of the country are more than tenfold and
an increasing number of rural migrant workers live as illegal aliens in their own country: Over 100 million migrants, known as China’s floating population, have streamed into large cities across the country seeking employment and a better life.
The best way to grasp the dimension and the possible implications on the world economy by this host of cheap labor is to spend some time at Guangzhou Railway Station in the southern province of Guangdong where more than 2.2 million passengers pass through prior to the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year to spend the turn of the year together with their families back home.
An outset of biblical dimensions.


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From Somewhere to Nowhere – The big Outset
Asahi Camera
<Das Magazin> 10/2005