Amanda Camenisch

Fashion, 2012

in dark waters

Selektionierte "Fashion" 2012


where the sirens sing

dark deep places are since the beginning of time the root of the mysterious, the mythical and the unexpactable.
the fact that those places never feel the warm sun and the creatures living there would never be seen from one of us is fascinating and frightening at the same time.
the sea becomes never ending while you sit on a boat and do not see land anymore. Time passes by and you can not longer distinguish water from sky.

the sea takes her part from the air and creates an unvisible border.
she has a big soul. beautiful and luring, colorful and shimmery with beautiful soft voices. on one side human can survive and on the other they can not.
In a breath everything can change and the beauty turns into something unknowed and mightful.
the soft voices get loud and turn into shrill noises while the shimmery colors disappear.
she decides if she lets you see the magic or if she takes you to the deepest grounds


Titel der Arbeit
in dark waters
s/s 2012