Daniel Schwartz

Architektur, 2012

torre david: informal vertical community

Torre David, the world's tallest squat, is located in downtown Caracas, Venezuela.
750 families have worked to transform the abandoned skyscraper into a housing complex with public spaces.
Residents live up to the 28th floor of the tower, enjoying one of the best views of the the city sometimes without windows.
Parts of the tower remain incomplete, creating precarious situations for many of the tower's younger residents.
The original architect of the building, Enrique Gomez, envisioned a grand lobby, though he did not imagine it would remain unfinished with such a brutalist aesthetic.
The tower contains many incredible spaces like shops, salons, and recreational facilities like this basketball court on the ground floor.
The lobby was meant to have a glass cupola, but instead allows for both sun and moon light to stream through a portion of the building.
Some of Torre David's façades are windowless, creating spectacular mosaics in the evening as residents turn on their lights and watch television.


Titel der Arbeit
torre david: informal vertical community
torre david: informal vertical community
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