Anoush Abrar

Reportage, 2015


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« Jashari » is a documentary about the descendant of Adam Jashari, the leaders and founders of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

With his brother Hamzën, Adem took part in attacks against the Serbian police and military. Yugoslav police and army forces attacked his home in March 1998. Adem Jashari died in the attack along with 56 members of his family. He holds the title “Legendary Commander of the KLA”. In 2008 he was awarded the title “Hero of Kosovo” by Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi.

Adem Jashari is today known and recognised by all Albanians. In the 1990s he became an emblematic figure of the Albanian resistance against Yugoslav oppression. He devoted himself to his cause body and soul, to the point of giving not just his own life, but also the lives of more than 50 family members and friends.
I photographed the people who were affected by this story closely and from a distance. How is this identity managed and experienced by members of his family?

I went in Kosovo with the goal of better understanding not just Adem’s story, but also (and especially) the story that has continued since the time of this legendary hero.


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